The Phoenix Journal


Whatever success means to you, attain it by creating a powerful vision of your ideal future, prioritizing ambitious yet practical 12 week goals, and taking daily action towards them.

The Phoenix Journal is a planner made for the ambitious few who want to live life to the fullest.

Harnessing wisdom from top mentors and programs around the world, The Phoenix Journal is the essence of what it takes to live to your full potential and achieve your desired future.

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The Phoenix Planner Will Help You...

Get Clear On What You Want In Life

Many people go through life doing things without ever really understanding why. The Phoenix Journal gives you the opportunity to not only ask yourself what outcomes you are shooting for in the long and short term, but to dig beneath the surface and find deeper meaning.

Crush Your Goals

The Phoenix Journal wants you to achieve your goals. Using a twelve week structure, your goals are close enough to be tangible and practical, but far enough away to be ambitious and inspiring.

Become an Action Taker

What you think and do consistently is who you will become. By using the planner’s unique structure, you can easily break down your goals into daily key actions that get you the 80/20 of what you’re after.

Become Your Greatest Self

Greatness is not an event, but an endless process of adaption, self-reflection, and growth. As you grow through life, your vision and goals will change. The Phoenix Journal is made to not only accommodate this process, but to inspire it it.

Built To Last

Made with the highest quality materials to last a life time.

Every planner should be durable enough to withstand heavy daily use, but with your Phoenix Planner you’re not just creating a to- do list. The end product will tell a story about your life. That’s why we’ve spared no expenses in making the highest quality planner on the market.

How It Works

The Phoenix Planner is designed to help you develop an actionable plan to achieve your 12 week goals. By following the time tested steps in your planner, you will uncover the blueprint to your own productivity and fulfillment.

Step 1

Create a clear vision of your ideal future.

Without a vision, your goals will just be detours on an aimless trip.

Of course we should all “enjoy the ride,” but it adds another layer of meaning to know “I’m going to the Grand Canyon.” Now you have an ultimate destination that all of your travels will lead you to.

Step 2

Set smart goals.

The Phoenix Journal is designed to help you find clarity in your life and achieve your ambitions.

To do this, your journal will help you take your goals and place them in the larger context of your life before reverse engineering exactly how to achieve them.

Step 3

Create a 12 week roadmap.

Once you’ve established your goals and broken them down into Key Actions, you’re ready to make a timeline of what needs to happen and when.

The Phoenix Journal’s undated calendar acts as the perfect canvas for this, giving you the functionality for everyday use while also providing a bird’s eye view of your path to success.

Step 4

Reflect and plan your ideal week.

Whether your week was lousy or great, it’s important to have time set aside to appreciate what went well and address what didn’t.

In addition to weekly goal setting and habit tracking, The Phoenix Journal has four sections dedicated to the essential areas in life where you may not have specific goals.

Step 5

Make it real with daily planning, journaling, and action taking.

Thanks to The Phoenix Journal’s custom size, it’s possible for your schedule, key actions, and daily questions to sit comfortably all on one page. This gives you an entire page for journaling, note taking, and strategizing - every day!

The Phoenix Journal gives you the essentials for success with enough freedom to make it your own.

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The Phoenix Journal

Transform your life in 12 Weeks

An Undated Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Planner

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  • I can't even put into words how much I love my Phoenix Journal! It is THE best tool I have ever come across to help keep me accountable for making positive and significant change in my life. Though it is only a 12 week planner, it helped me start building good habits right away by asking me to focus on both short term and long term goals. Jennifer Simpson

  • I used to carry both a planner and a journal around with me because I like to write a lot. My favorite thing about this planner is that it has a full page for note taking and journaling EVERY DAY and at the same time has more room than most other planners for scheduling and planning. Gary Samuel

  • This is not your everyday journal. It really helped give me that initial push and drive I needed to work towards a few personal goals of mine. It has simple guidelines that are easy to follow, which helped me plan out step-by-step how I want to go about achieving my goal. 10/10 recommend. B Thurstson